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About Lisa

My areas of expertise:


Nutrition & Wellness 

Functional Evaluation

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Nutrition wasn’t always on my radar. I didn’t really get into learning about food and what I put into my body into after the birth of my second son.


I had some stubborn baby weight to lose and started consulting trainers and friends who were more knowledgeable about food than I was. I tried sports supplements and all kinds of “diets” but still wanted to know more.


I remember the day when I was told not to eat a specific fruit because it was “bad” for me and that got me asking “why”...about EVERYTHING. With all of the information out there, it was overwhelming. Eat this but not that, I’m sure you have all heard it before.


This led me into delving into nutrition even deeper and getting a couple certifications. I wanted to help people who had the same questions as I did. Problem was, I still had the question “why” about so many things. I was able to help clients through making dietary and lifestyle changes but I wanted to be able to do more.


That is when I found the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program through the Nutrition Therapy Association. I finally found the program that started answering my questions. I didn’t just learn about nutrition, I also learned that everyone is bio-individuals. What might work for one won’t always work for another. This is why I chose YourFit Nutrition. It encompasses exactly what I believe!


Now I have the tools to help people find their root cause, aid them in balancing their foundations, and bring their bodies back to homeostasis. 

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